Posted by: minnow | September 23, 2008

Ugly Politics

How ugly the political scene has become. Self proclaimed feminists bash Governor Palin’s intelligence. Others call her mothering abilities into question. And, on more than one occasion Senator McCain has been accused of picking Palin simply to try and usurp the Hillary vote. News commentators repeatedly bring up the Bubba Vote as if to suggest that if Senator Obama loses the election it will only be because racist whites who might never be vocal about their prejudice will vote against him in the end simply because he is Black. On the other side some have been so bold as to suggest that the only reason Senator Obama got the nomination is because he is Black and the only reason Blacks are going to vote for him is because he is one of theirs.  Words and phrases like cheerleader, out of touch, and wet behind the ears are batted around like we are taliking about children instead of the adults who are going to step into the highest offices of our land.   YUK!

Put up or shut up folks!  That is what I think.  Either put forth the policies and plans for the steps toward change that you or your candidates are going to take or shut your mouth.  I am tired of trying to figure out who is telling the most lies or whose lies are farthest from the truth.  Our country is in a mess and we need possitive thinking, creative problem solving, and healthy innovation.  I am tired of talk and blame I want to know what are YOU planning to do.  Every time you mention your opposition (except for praise) you loose my respect.  I can hardly believe I thought when each of the main presidential candidates won their party’s nomination, “at least it won’t be as ugly as it might have been with others who were running.”

Is it any wonder that our confidence in our leadership’s abilities is waning?  In addition to raising doubt about the other person (presumable so your side looks better) all the bashing undermines our overall confidence.  When you spend your time bashing the public is left wondering what it is you think you can do any better.  You may damage the other side but you certainly have not helped your own.

Americans have done more to harm ourselves in the world’s eye then any outside force has done.  And while I could be talking about our political power, I am not.  Our comedians belittle and make fun of our leaders.  Our leaders criticise and put down their opponents.  Our news media continually focuses on the negative.  And, we do not bother to educate ourselves, demand better, or care about (in general.  I am not saying everyone, just the majority.) anyone but ourselves.  We are a selfish, self destructive nation and it truly saddens me. 

If I could inundate the McCain and Obama campaigns with letters pleading with them to stop the negative campaigning I would do it.  Sadly, it would take more then the handful of letters I could get written between now and the end of the campaign to make a difference.  But, if those who say they agree with me would join in an effort to make our voices heard, maybe…just maybe.  I have to believe there is a best somewhere in America that we can still reach.




  1. yeap

  2. Thank you for this post. I couldn’t have said it better. It makes me sick too…and sad. It doesn’t look like anything in the campaigns have changed and so that leaves me thinking that there won’t be much change after the election is over. May God help us!

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