Posted by: minnow | September 6, 2008

Feminists..Oh Really

I have had enough of feminists who seem to think the only way to prove you are one is to have and abortion and reject motherhood. I know I said to leave Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston alone so I will try to keep them out of this discussion as much as possible.  Personally I think they are incredibly brave. My frustration is with the left’s attitude toward Governor Palin and her relationships with her children. Their narrow view with regard to abortion would be laughable if it was not such a serious issue. And, that doesn’t even begin to touch on the sexist remarks I have read and heard from some who would call themselves pro-women’s rights.

When was the last time we questioned if a man running for public office had enough time for his family? When have we ever asked, even to ourselves, if a man was emotionally available to his teenager? True Senator Biden and Senator Obama are not participating in this sort of Palin bashing. For that they have my respect. Also out there are many women who are just as irritated as I am about the sexist, leftist remarks coming from the media and the mouths of some in the feminist ranks.

How dare those talking heads treat Governor Palin with such an obvious double standard. Go ahead and choose to have a down syndrome baby but you better not choose to work when you are so obviously needed at home. Wasn’t Senator Biden also needed at home after the tragic loss of his wife and daughter? Of course he was! But he made it work by riding the train home every night so his boys would have a parental presence to wake up to in the morning. And thirty-five years later we applauded both his commitment as a father and his resolve to serve in the senate! Yet, some how Governor Palin’s situation is different. She chose to be a mom, some argue. (Subtext: mom’s can have jobs but the jobs just can’t be important). She has five children. (Subtext: five is more than any sane [read: reasonable] woman can handle let alone a working woman). Her daughter is pregnant. (Subtext: She obviously dropped the ball and ought not be trying to juggle any more). Yes, and her husband is a fulltime parent in the home. From the outside looking in (which is all we ever really have) she and her family are making it work.

Seriously people, how does someone get away with saying that Governor Palin should have forced  her daughter to have an abortion? Can anyone explain to me how such an attitude can possibly be associated with choice? And while you’re at it, can someone explain to me what is wrong with a young woman, who has a proven network of support, choosing to give birth to and keep a baby born outside of marriage, especially when the father of the baby is definitely in the picture?  I might be able to understand how some ultra legalistic religious right voice might condemn having sex outside of marriage but even that voice would say birth is preferable to abortion.  Could there actually be an uglier argument against choice?

To justify their sexism, the questions about Governor Palin’s mothering are explained by suggesting she brought her parenting skill into the spotlight by referring to herself as a hockey mom so now they are free to question her sincerity, ability, and right to claim the title.  Good grief.  I even heard one person say that the way she has abandoned her children should make us wonder if she will also abandon us.  Excuse me?!  Since when is leaving your children in the care of their very capable father considered abandonment?  Whose capabilities are we really questioning here?  Perhaps Todd Palin should be as outraged as his wife.  Of course as soon as they asked their sexist question they quickly follow-up the statement with an assurance that they believe in a woman’s right to work.  I guess it is just moms they have a problem with or maybe it is okay to be a waitress and a mom but don’t try to be the manager.  You might be reaching beyond your grasp.

Which brings me to the question: did you know that according to some people Palin is not educated enough to be the president?  Last time I read the constitution it did not mention anything about an education requirement.  Maybe someone better draft an amendment.  And, while you are doing that you better add a clause about your education needing to come from an Ivy League school (Sorry Senator Biden.)  and be at a master’s level or higher.  All you journalism majors out there don’t be getting any ideas.  A BA in journalism just isn’t good enough according to the left-wing intelligentsia.  A little news flash for those of you who fit that  description—Governor Palin is currently in a position few of you can ever hope to be in.  Deal with it.





  1. well said 🙂

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