Posted by: minnow | September 4, 2008

Palin Who?

So Senator McCain tapped Governor Palin, that is Governor Sarah Palin for the one person out there who might not have caught on that the governor is a woman. And now, the spin doctors are working their damnedest to find the chink in her armor and the neglect by McCain’s research team. What has been uncovered so far? Well, we all knew right away that she has only been a governor for a year and a half. But did you know that her 17 year old unmarried daughter is pregnant and her husband had a DUI two decades ago. Then there is the fact that her ex-brother-in-law, a state trooper, was fired and she is accused of having something to do with it or that she flip-flopped on “the bridge to nowhere”. Perhaps the biggest news is that she can not really be called a feminist because ‘gasp’ she happens to be pro-life. Wow! What was Senator McCain thinking?

Perhaps the Senator is pandering and playing politics and doing so quite well, which is what really gets the opposition’s goat. Sarah Palin was the perfect pick from that perspective. She took the wind right out of the sails of the changing history ship the democrats were planning to ride straight into the white house. Now history will be made no matter which duo you vote into office. Plus, she has her own history of taking on the good ol’ boys even within her own party. Her pro-life, anti-gay marriage, willingness to explore drilling options in Alaska, and fiscal conservative stands give her favor with the right. Yet her pro gay civil rights, maverick reputation, and Washington outsider status make her attractive to the middle. If she is a quick study with facts and names McCain just might have hit one out of the park. I know I was delighted that Mitt Romney’s name did not get pick out of the hat, in spite of the media’s suggestion that Senator McCain was stuck with him.

So what about her “problems”?

The suggestion that a feminist cannot also be pro-life is preposterous! Governor Palin broke through the glass ceiling in Alaska when she won the governorship. Before that she was a mayor, chair of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, and a business owner with her husband. In other words, she is and has been a working mother, now of five, who has proven by example that living with convictions does not disqualify you from having a brain. That Palin has not limited her voice to “women’s” issues is not proof against her as a feminist. It proves she is one! Her example is that women can do and be whatever they put their hearts, minds, and efforts toward. Yet her vision is bigger than gender. She is playing with the big boys. And she is facing some big boy problems.

Governor Palin faces an investigation concerning the firing of her ex-brother-in-law. I do not know the details of this situation. And, evidently neither does the media because while they continue to report an investigation exists nobody seems to know anything other than that. Humm… The one way it has been spun is to suggest the McCain camp can not have done its homework to let something like “this” slip through. Again, this is never explained but Senator McCain’s decision making should be called into question because they obviously could not have known or they surly would not have picked her. Humm… Could it be the investigation is bogus? I guess we will have to wait and see.

Now about her husband’s twenty year old DUI–give me a break! Half the media has it right (by not even mentioning it) but the rest cannot even seem to make up their minds as to who it was: her father, her brother or her husband. The other laughable criticism is that she flip-flopped on the “bridge to nowhere”. The woman told the people for whom the bridge was going to be built that she did not think they were “no where” then she fought the project. Can we say grasping at straws?

Which brings me to Governor Palin’s daughter. Bristol is 17. She is planning to marry Levi Johnston, a nice looking young man judging from the sweeps of the family during his future mother-in-law’s speech last night. She is also pregnant. Would I have chosen this situation for my family? Would anyone? Is McCain pandering again? That will be decided by the voters in November. Is Palin taking advantage of her family? That will be decided by her family. Is it any of our business? No, not really. This young girl is facing a life changing situation. And even though the pro-choice advocates would have us believe that pregnancy does not have to change anything–just end it and everything goes back to normal–that attitude is simply not true. (I could write a whole post on this topic and probably will. For now let’s leave Bristol and Levi alone).

Finally, regarding Palin’s experience–she’s got it. She is a sitting governor. She’s been a mayor. She’s been a council member. She was chair of the AOGCC. She’s been a business owner. And, she is a mom. She’s run meetings, balanced budgets, set priorities, and gone to hockey games. She’s fought corruption and cronyism. She’s lived in small town America and knows how hard small town Americans work. She’s lived in the city and is not ignorant of the unique challenges urban America and inner city America face.

Every single nominee has his or her weak spots. Palin’s are obviously foreign policy and Washington experience. As the voting public we will need to decide what we value more. Are we serious about wanting change in Washington? Or do we prefer business as usual? Are we going to look at voting records and accomplishments or simply listen to speeches? Will we hold the Republican vice-presidential candidate to a higher standard than the Democratic presidential candidate or does lack of foreign policy and Washington experience matter more at the top of the ticket?


  1. hey minnow!! Thanks so much for this entry. I enjoy hearing your thought process – and you have a wonderful way of simplifying and summarizing what’s going on! It really is a very intriguing election year – I’ve never really been involved in the political process as much as this year.

    I am just praying that people’s ears will be opened to ALL sides on each issue. I just don’t want people to vote for somebody because their favorite celebrity – or pastor or whoever – is voting for them. I don’t want them to listen to one media source and vote based on that one snidbit they hear. I want people to look at the candidates, their values and their platforms and vote based on the issues — not popularity, not gender, not race — the issues & the character of the candidate!

  2. Wow Randi–That’s a tall order. Tall order but a worthy desire. I know people who vote the partyline religiously. I know some who vote single issues. I know others who listen to one news station or one radio program or read one editorial writer and vote accordingly. Sadly very view of the people I know study out every issue or even the biggies and make a reasoned choice.
    I am looking forward to the next couple months. I will be watching the debates closely. I have to admit–I am more sold on Governor Palin then anyone else.

  3. me 2 🙂

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