Posted by: minnow | July 28, 2008

Off the Top of My Head

Why comment that a post is long?  I mean, seriously.  Just don’t read it.  If it’s worth reading who cares how long it is.  People who comment on post lengths seem more focused on being able to say oh wow I read 15 posts during lunch, rather than I read a really good post the other day. 

My friend and her family are here from New Jersey.  I’ve missed this woman in my life and treasure every moment I have with her and every time I hear from her.  Her brother is the fellow in prison I pray for.  I wrote about it a couple months ago.  Prison and mental/disease or disability don’t mix in a healthy way.  But how can prison be too healthy for anyone.

Is it always important to know why we do the things we do or think the way we think or treat people the way we treat them?  Can we change without knowing why we do or think a given thing/way? 

Bananas?  Strawberries?  Blueberries?  Peaches?  What’s your favorite breakfast cereal topping?  And don’t say sugar!

My children are literally some of my most favorite people in the world.  I used to say to folks that the older they got the better I liked them.  I still mostly feel that way but our three year old is teaching me that other ages can be delightful as well.  Would you choose your children as friends if they weren’t your children?

I’ve quit going to church (attending a meeting in a building on Sunday morning).  Last night on a walk my son told me about a conversation he had with a young lady at church who knows our family pretty well.  (My oldest son went to school with her at the School of Ministry and my oldest daughter is currently being mentored (not sure exactly what that means) by her.  Anyway,…).  She mentioned to my son that she felt sad about people who quit coming to church or give up on church or something like that.  I have a challenge for that type of comment–What makes you think I’ve “given up” on Church?  Could it possibly be that I’ve just begun to understand better what “church” is, or is supposed to be?  I think I’ll be setting up a coffee date with our friend.

Well, that’s about all I have time for.  What little things are on your mind/heart?



  1. […] wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerpt Prison and mental/disease or disability don’t mix in a healthy way…. […]

  2. hey! I’m back from vaca – and look forward to talking to you more and catching up on your posts. My posts are all terribly terribly long. Don’t worry about those who comment on it. I enjoy your posts! 🙂 best wishes

  3. and I do have thoughts on the “I feel sad for people who turn a way from church” who whatever the exact comment was…..

    because it’s just a comment made from what this person has experienced. Yes you are an exception to so many of our stereotypical christians — but so many who walk away from building-based churches – aren’t walking into another church. They are simply drifting and disassociating and their disconnect with the church they were in whether it’s building or not — is a sign of their relationship with God. MANY times we know this is not true — but many times it is. She was just making an assumption and she was wrong to even discuss you like she understood what was on your heart without even talking to you. She was wrong for judging your relationship with God by your action – which I believe she did. BUT I am sure she meant well and that she does care for you/your family and is worried about you all because of her incorrect assumption……

    I don’t like when others judge our relationship with God dependent on how involved we are with church or what church.

  4. Randi–I guess my frustration with the kind of comment this person made to my son is that our assumption is that something is “wrong” with the person who is walking away from our version of “Church” instead of looking at what might be wrong with our version of curch that is causing them to walk away. Some go so far as to label such people as back sliders or prodicals–How arrogant is that!?! Yes, maybe is some cases those leaving are heading down a dangerous path but does wagging our finger at them and calling them names really help anything. My daughter ( the one being “mentored” by this young lady) asked me a few days before my son’s comment if I was still a Christian. I asked her why she was asking the question and she replied, “Because you don’t go to Church anymore”. I then pointed out to her ways that I practiced being the Church rather than going to Church ie: working at the foodbank, meeting with a small group for prayer and encouragement, meeting with another couple who had been unwelcomed at our “Church”. I still need to set up that coffee date but my NJ friends just left yesterday morning.

  5. Minnow,

    I know what you mean. My wife and I quit going to a church building almost a year ago. We have had to have the same conversation with my son who still attends our former home church regularly.

    How WE have defined church is completely off base.

    I will borrow a quote from a book I am currently reading..’church is an organism, not and organization’.

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