Posted by: minnow | June 22, 2008

Writing. No, I mean, biking. No, I mean…

So this week started out better then all of last week finished thus I would say it was a good week. (I’m still in the middle of it (Tues.) as I write this but I’ll keep making entries). Here are the juicy details: SUNDAY: Father’s Day My husband and I went rafting. We barely had to paddle the river was flowing so strongly. Didn’t think about diet or exercise. MONDAY: My (trying really hard not to be controlling in this adventure) husband asks–“So, you’re going to try and lose weight by just watching what you eat?” It really was a very nice way to try and bring up the topic with me. A year ago that very question might have gotten anger or tears from me and a cold shoulder toward him. Instead I took a minute to figure out how to answer without either of those responses and he waited patiently. It probability felt like a year to him but I eventually said, “Well yeah, for now. I know I need to make some changes but really I think I have to understand why I eat the way I eat so that the changes I make can be permanent. I already know I can do something radical like fast for a week but then I’d go right back to my bad habits. I’ll probably go on a fruit fast soon because I want to clean out my system. But really I want to break bad habits so I need to understand what the bad habits are that need breaking.” He was okay with that. Later he spent his evening building a free standing table to fit over the handlebars of my stationary bike (Hey I’m already calling it mine–wow.) so I can set my lap top on it (or a good book) and write or read while I bike. You know, if I wanted to. I had said something about having something like that making biking more appealing and well…TUESDAY: I just biked while blogging for 15 to 20 minutes. Nothing earth shattering. The table works great! Did a second set of 15 minutes about fifteen minutes later. WEDNESDAY: I love the table. Biking goes flying by as I read other people’s blogs. I did two sets, one twenty minutes long and the other 15. THURSDAY: Two sets. The first was 25 minutes and the second 20. I got on the scale and am smiling but I won’t tell until Saturday since it could all go downhill from here on out. I’ve said no to pop (soda, coke) and ice cream since Monday but my bad pop days are when I work–I like the cold and the caffeine to help me stay awake during my graveyard shifts (Th-F, F-Sa, Sa-Su) and I really don‘t like diet. I’ve been taking mental notes on what I eat and when. I like creamy foods and salty foods, like cheese and ice cream and chips and chocolate. And, I like to eat when I’m alone, which is another reason work might be challenging since I’m usually the only one awake. I wonder how much eating alone has to do with being in denial and how much has to do with enjoying the food more when I’m not rushed or distracted. Humm…FRIDAY-SUNDAY: As predicted my weekend was hard on the goal.  Still the scale reads 194 (probably point something but I’m not on the digital so I don’t know for sure).  I’m looking to work on some eating habits more this coming week.  But it’s time to post.

Don’t forget to check out everyone else’s progress at Ragamuffin Top Challenge.



  1. sounds like you just needed a way to make exercise more convenient/approachable. good work. and good idea!

    you can do this.

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