Posted by: minnow | June 19, 2008

Church Survey

Help me take a survey. If you visit leave a comment. I promise not to harass you.

Question number One:

What does your fellowship do best? Feel free to expound. Note: Information like the size and location (big city, suburb, small town, rural) of your fellowship might also be helpful. If you are part of the leadership of your fellowship feel free to identify yourself as such but do not be pressured to do so if you prefer to remain incognito.

A. Missions (financially support one or more fulltime foreign missionaries, frequently send groups out for long and short term mission trips, corporately give to a variety of mission organizations, recognize and support state and national mission groups)

B. Fellowship (multi-dimensional small groups, frequent all fellowship activities, after service coffee time, in-service meet and greet time)

C. Community Outreach (actively pursue the community in which you live with events, programs, and support outside your building and alongside other organizations)

D. Sunday Morning (or whatever time you meet–a welcoming first impression, a polished service, a smooth schedule, a varied program, a comfortable atmosphere, it may but doesn’t have to include: friendly greeters, special lighting, video, power points, drama, etc)

E. Preach the Word (go through passages of scripture and teach what it means or use multiple scripture passages to illustrate a through line in scripture)

F. Build (develop a network of ministry and programming that may include multiple user friendly facilities or at least plans for such expansion, raise money for building campaigns)

G. Prayer (maintain a prayer room, utilize prayer chains, incorporate pre and post service prayer into your weekly services, encourage the body to pray on their own)

H. Meet People Needs (including but not limited to: prayer with hurting people in and outside of services, meals for shut-ins, a foodbank, a prison ministry, corporately organized homeless shelter or soup kitchen volunteers)

I. Youth (all things kids–great programs with puppets, music, and art for the little guys, solid teaching, cultural relevant teen activities, and opportunities to plug-in for the older groups)

J. Worship (Hymns and choruses aren’t at odds here. Good worship can include: organs, full bands, solo guitars, special music, dance, banners, prophetic singing, art, etc)

Questions Two, Three, and Four will be asked together later.



  1. cool post! I will defiintely do this soon — I’m stressed tonight and neeed some down time doing nothing. best wishes and I WILL email u soon too. it’s been a tough week

  2. If I can choose two it would be missions and preaching the word. I’m guessing my church has between 1500 and 2000 on a sunday. It’s in a rural area in New Jersey.

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