Posted by: minnow | June 16, 2008

Who Do You Stop For?

This post is actually from Lazarus (see Bios for more information)

Last week on the way home from a trip  where I dropped off my parents to catch the train back to home I had an interesting situation come up. A man was having car problems just south of where I started. I was traveling 65 miles pre hour or so, when I saw him along the side of the road. Well in the second or so it took to pass him my mind raced to question SHOULD I STOP ? Well I have five kids who had traveled with me the day before to take their grandparents back to the train station. They were all quiet and the youngest was sleeping. There was a sense of peace in our car. I was heading back to an appointment for a family picture my wife’s father arranged weeks ahead of time. I didn’t really have any tools in the car that I could use to help him. All these excused keep me driving and thinking.

Now that I have a few day between me and my encounter I have been thinking about what would have made the stop more urgent.

– A young lady in distress

– Someone waving a flag at me to stop

– An open schedule so I didn’t have to worry about time

– A sign saying this is an opportunity for you

– Someone else in the car telling me to stop

I think often of Jesus and what he did in his time on earth and the teachings he had while he was here. One of them was a teaching about the good Samaritan. In this parable he tells how many passed a wounded man by telling themselves not to get involved. They were busy and so didn’t have time to stop.

A Samaritan saw the wounded man.!! Maybe God is calling you to do something by putting a situation in front of you Do not pull out your cell phone and call a buddy to tell him. The Samaritan stopped and put the wounded man on his horse. In his car. He walked to the closest Inn. Maybe it’s a service station.

The Samaritan worked to heal the man and it was done with his own money and his care of the wounds. The extended care from the Inn Keeper was paid for by the Samaritan man himself.

Do you see any wounded people in your daily walk. Maybe it’s time to stop for them?


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