Posted by: minnow | June 14, 2008

Weigh-in for Ragamuffin Top Challenge

At 12:45AM on June 14 I weigh 195.2 dressed but no shoes.

This was not an easy week.  One of the most difficult things about this process is sharing with my husband.  The emotions are complicated and I am going to cop out and say maybe I will talk about that later.  I only bring it up now to say that I am surprised I have had any success this week because I sort of expected myself to sabotage the whole thing.  I did not pay much attention to what I was putting in my mouth and I only went for a walk three time that I can remember.  I am not going to think about any of this tomorrow (Father’s Day) but come Monday…and how many times have people doing the weight loss thing had those words coming out of their mouths.  Humm…

My husband is trying to be supportive but not controling and I give him kudos for that.  He also found a stationary bike at a garage sale for five dollars.  Now if I can only figure out how to connect the laptop to the handlebars…humm…

Check out how the rest are doing at Ragamuffin Top Challenge.



  1. best wishes – whatever it goal…it CAN be done!

    I just lost 20 pounds because of God &

    I wanted to ask you though minnow if in your last comment on pete’s page if you were talking about me when you said some weren’t giving grace or were being too critical themsleves of/to J.I.(that’s the way I interpretted it) …. I don’t have anything against him and didn’t want to come off ill in any way…. I do have “something” against critical people though which is why I have a lot to say about it hehe

    anyway – I would just feel bad if I came off critical or beating down J.I. myself — I purposely wanted to let he/she know I thought it was a good thing to want to know answers and to continue to seek out truth…and I want to give him a chance and for he/she to know he/she is worth listening to and is valued despite differences….

    I wish I could have made the comments I made on his page or email – but there’s not way to contact him so that is why we have to put it there which kinda stinks.

    so anyway – I tried to come aross in a positive way, I hope I did. anyway 🙂 have a great weekend

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