Posted by: minnow | June 2, 2008

Why I haven’t crossed the road

For several days last week over at Parchment and Pen (and maybe a couple other blogs) the top ten reasons the “chicken” did (or didn’t) cross the road was a hot topic.  The “fun” was that the chicken was replaced by labels like “emerger”, “evangelical”, “dispensationalist”, “reformed theologian”, “Catholic”, and “fundamentalist” and then some of the more stereotypical traits associated with those labels appeared on the lists.  I have to say, the first one CMP did left me a little flat.  (You can see for yourself here).  A couple of the comments however literally found me laughing out loud.  When I confessed as much in CMP’s comments (saying that I was perhaps feeling too prickly to comment earlier) I was told:

“Minnow, its because you need to not take yourself (or anyone else) too seriously. I think that the more secure we are in our positions, the more we are able to find humor in poking fun at them. Help me out as I am going to try to have equal representation of all traditions.”

I then came up with “The top ten reasons why I haven’t crossed the road” which I posted.  But, since it was very nearly the last comment on CMP’s blog I decided to give my list a little more air time here.  So in the name of total disclosure as some emergers are fond of saying… My Own Top Ten:
10. Because I’m old and old dogs aren’t supposed to learn new tricks.
9. Because I just got to know some of the folks on this side and it’s really difficult for me to make friends and well…
8. maybe I won’t find anyone to talk too over there and…
7. maybe they won’t like how I look or talk or walk or…
6. what if I can’t do it right and offend someone?
5. Because really if you think about it there are plenty of hurtin’ individuals over here and since they aren’t going to let me (or expect me to  if you want to be polite about it) say anything to “direct traffic” I might as well offer a little first aid to the guy next to me.
4. I’m lazy and walking across the street takes work.
3. Everyone seems to be burning their bridges behind them–what if I want to come back or forget something I might need?
2. How would “crossing over” impacted my family (husband, children, parents)? Will they still talk to me? Can we still relate even if we don’t agree about everything?
1. What would Paul do? What would Jesus do? Oh yeah–be all things to all people so that by all possible means… and love God, love your neighbor/self, love your enemy…Is one side of the street really all that different from the other?

I will be writing an entire post about Shane Clairborne’s book, Irresistible Revolution, soon but just wanted to say here that in one of the later chapters of that book Clairbourne says to those who are wanting to “cross the road” to try and be bridge builders, to not give up on the organized Church too quickly.  That sounds much better to me then to be a bridge burner!


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