Posted by: minnow | April 21, 2008

Global Day of Prayer

The Global Day of Prayer is coming up May 11. This amazing event began in Cape Town, South Africa in the year 2000 as a call to repentance. By 2005 it had gone global. This year, on Pentecost Sunday (and Mother’s Day) millions will gather for concentrated prayers of repentance. Following the day of pray are 90 days of blessing. When I first heard this I said to myself , “Oh great, way to turn a wonderful thing into a, “Now You give me something, God”. BUT I WAS WRONG!! The blessings are not meant to be our expectations from God. We are to go out into the world as the body of Christ and BE A BLESSING! How cool is that!! Christians everywhere are being asked to put feet and hands and backbone to their convictions.

So–start brain storming folks. What is your fellowship going to do? How about your small group? Or maybe it will just be you. Even before I heard about the Global Day of Prayer blessing plan our School of Ministry students were planning a city wide carnival for under privileged kids. This will be one great opportunity for our whole body to reach out and make a difference. I know however that other opportunities will present themselves during the ninety days (and beyond) if we only look for them.

Feel free to share your ideas!

Prayer leading up to the Global Day of Prayer begins May first. Of course you can start right now if you want to. Then on May 11, Pentecost Sunday, Christians everywhere will be repenting for our sins–both individual and corporate. We will be interceding for our people and for our nations. Then beginning May 12 and going through August 9 we are to offer ourselves to God as instruments through which our prayer can be answered. Don’t be left out.


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