Posted by: minnow | March 22, 2008

Easter Pop Quiz

My daughter came home from school Friday wanting to “talk”.  She had flunked a pop-quiz in her language arts class.  I do not know why the students were given the pop quiz.  I suspect it was meant for fun.  The subject matter–“Easter”–had nothing to do with anything the class was studying. 

One of the questions on the quiz was: According to a popular childhood song what is the name of the rabbit that goes “hopping down the bunny trail”?  The rest of the questions were of a similar ilk.  When my daughter’s friends noticed she missed all the questions the friend was surprised.  I was not at all surprised and was extremely proud when my daughter reported what she had said to her friend–“Growing up, I learned that Easter was about Jesus dying on the cross and rising from the dead, not about rabbits.”

My daughter could have been embarrassed over her lack of knowledge about the secularization of Easter.  I am blessed that she chose instead to be bold.  I doubt her friend is any worse for wear and I am certain my daughter’s reputation as a kind and enjoyable classmate and student was not diminished by her admission of ignorance.  At the same time, if my daughter’s teacher was listening in perhaps she was given a little food for thought.


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