Posted by: minnow | March 15, 2008

Obama in the “Wright” Soup

After hearing news clips of Rev. Wright preaching about the domination of white America I can certainly understand some people wondering how much of this man’s teachings Senator Obama has digested.  At the same time the Hanity and Colmes interview with Pastor Wright was anything but respectful of the man.  He was continuously interrupted and not allowed to explain his points.  Their interview of Senator Obama was much more courteous yet their statement later that Obama said he would have quit the church had he knownwas not entirely accurate.  The senator said he would have quit if he had seen a pattern of such rhetoric which he claims he did not see.

The question has been raised–should Senator Obama be held accountable for what his pastor says?  Only to the extent that he shares these views.  Case in point–Is the Senator’s desire to bring the troops home from Iraq ASAP shaped by a belief that  the U. S. government is responsible for the terrorism aimed at us? 

According to Rev. Wright, “we have supported state terrorism against the Palestinians and black South African and now we are indignant because the stuff we have done overseas is brought back to our own front yards.”  If Senator Obama shares this view, which incidentally is held by people of various colors including white, then voters have a right to know how that belief will shape his foreign policy. 

I am afraid, because while the Senator distanced himself a year ago when he announced his run for the presidency, he only now (that we have video) denounces, rejects, and does not share Rev. Wright’s controversial opinions (whichever ones those are).  This behavior makes Obama look, not like something new but rather, like just another politician.  I would have much preferred Obama take the time to explain where he empathizes, if not completely agrees, with his mentor as his pastor has given voice to the experience of being Black in America.  He could denounce specifics, for example: that white America made the HIV/Aids virus to wipe out blacks, but still embrace other ideas, for example: that our own selfish foreign policy has created an atmosphere of distrust and hate toward the United States, and then be seen as a thoughtful and reasonable person.  Instead, Obama has come across as fearful and weak, not the best qualities for a man who wants to be the president.



  1. Sigh, I agree…it didn’t look good.

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