Posted by: minnow | March 3, 2008

Living Pro-Life

What does it mean to be pro-life?  For me being pro-life is more that saying I believe abortion is wrong.  Or, I would never have an abortion.  Or, Roe vs Wade should be overturned.  And, it certainly means more than vote republican because all the democrats are pro-choice.

The Emergent Church has come under-fire as of late for being silent on the issue of abortion.  Politely the question posed to them goes something like this: If a person is vocal about HIV/Aids, poverty, hunger, the environment, war, and the death penalty, why be silent about abortion?  In defense of the EC I personally have not heard silence so much as questions like these: “Can we please look at a broader spectrum of life issues?  Does only one political party have a monopoly on issues pertaining to life?  What have we accomplished to stop abortion by using the methods we have been using? Do you care about the individual people involved or do you just care about being moral or being correct?”

If you want to focus on the issue of abortion alone, I would add a few of my own questions: Is there no other game plan because the one we have been using obviously is not working? What messages (from our churches and our schools and our political fronts and our families) need to change so that people stop having sex outside marriage? How do we best love those women who are faced with an unwanted pregnancy so both mom and baby are cared for and valued? What are we willing to do at a personal (not necessarily convenient) level? What are the outside factors we must also be aware of–violence, poverty, divorce, drugs & alcohol, loneliness, hopelessness, conformity (peer pressure)?  Are we willing to work with people who might not see the sin factor we see but who never the less see a problem?  Are you willing to actually do more than vote??!

We waste our time, energy, and resources debating foolish nuances to real problems.  Come on!  We must get real with one another–does life begin at conception–just when was the last time you saw dead cells multiply?!!  Abortion is a multimillion dollar industry.  You want to put an end to it?  Pass a law that makes sure no one profits from it.  Fund a study to investigate what abortion (including abortive birth control) does to a woman’s reproductive future and make sure the findings do not get buried.  Start giving girls who are kicked out of their families and women who already find themselves at the bottom of the poverty rung better options.  Teach complete sex education classes in Christian settings so girls and boys learn about respect, honoring others, STDs, and birth control.  Young people heading into marriage and navigating the over sexualized world we live in need truth about all these issues.  They also need to know responsible adults are not blind and will help them through the consequences of all their choices not just the ones we approve.

I personally do not want my sons or daughters learning how to put condoms on bananas from people who then pass them out like candy at the end of the lecture.  At the same time, my goal as a parent is to raise thinking children who eventually are capable of making wise decisions, some of which I might not like.  The information in the form of enticing lies is out there.  We need to be offering the truth.  It is a much more appealing alternative.


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