Posted by: minnow | February 15, 2008

Majoring on the Minors

Jim Wallis is getting a little beaten up over on his God’s Politics blog for his: “Twenty-Something Evangelicals” post.  I guess it is to be expected.  We over-twenty-something crowd don’t like to be left out when someone is saying something positive.  And of course, the critics who have hounded Mr. Wallis in the past are at it again.  Same ol’ same ol’:  You liberal so-n-so.  I think I would get worn out if I had to listen to that every day. 

But, if you take God and politics out of it, can anyone tell me what’s wrong about saying–“Hey look, people are starting to care.  They are looking beyond their own self interests.  They are being nice to each other and to the hurting masses of the world.  Three cheers!  Attaway!  Go for it!”  Seriously folks–do you really think anyone is hurt when someone gives someone else a little encouragement and praise–least of all God?  Why then are we so ready to bash someone who claims to care about the Gospel and to care about politics in America when he does the same thing?  Has our love gone completely cold?

As an over-twenty-something I admit I’d like to be included.  After all some do exist in my generation who are waking up, taking a second look at the world around them, and realizing those passions to make a positive difference, to do something that mattered in the lives of those around them, and to share the Good News have been put on stand-by while life raced by and much passed us by.  We took our time waking up and I guess I cannot blame those who thought (think still) we never would. 

I honestly do not know what did it for me.  But, at least now I can say I am tired of majoring on the minors.  I am tired of hearing the right words come out of the mouths of people dressed in the right clothes after we have sung the right songs while sitting in (or standing next to) the right type of seat.  Actually, I can say more than that.  I can say I am not going to do it any more. 

Oh, I may on occasion take a tour in the building but I will never again think the building is the Church.  That thinking, at least for me, is majoring on the minors.  I have one caution for the twenty-something evangelicals (they probably prefer to be called Christ-followers): know that many in the Jesus Movement (AKA the 60s/early 70s) who went before you at one point had your energy and dreams and plans to change the world.  Much like today a large part of the establishedChurch rejected them.  Some stuck with it with varying degrees of success.  Most, I fear, assimilated or dropped out.  Others dropped Jesus but stayed with social politics.  (Many of these are probably the oh so feared liberal democrats–ahem). 

My point is this–to the best of your ability (our ability we must) let the issues, the momentum, the passion, be Jesus, belong to Jesus.  And, the frustrations, the bumps, the set backs–let them be Jesus too.  I did not do that very well when I was twenty-something, which is not the same as saying I was unable to do it.  (It’s not an age thing).  I simply didn’t try.  The result was to get more and more focused on the minors (and the frustrations, bumps, and set backs).

Three cheers Jim Wallis.  I think you’re one of the ones that stuck with it.


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