Posted by: minnow | February 11, 2008

What Did You Hear Yesterday?

First, I stole that question from a beliefnet post.  The post was asking about what we heard in church (meaning the building many people go to on Sunday mornings to sing and listen to someone (usually a man) teach them something about Jesus, scripture, making it through life).  I didn’t.  I didn’t go so I didn’t hear anything.  I just about added new after the hear in the sentence: …I didn’t hear anything.  The trouble with adding new at that point for me is that I would then be saying a very similar thing to what I’ve been saying prior to choosing to stay home.  Yesterday I purposely did not go with the rest of my family to a building to sing and listen to someone…  I got off work.  I handed the son who could drive my keys.  I listened to my two sons drive away.  And, I did not once wonder who was speaking, what he was preaching about or if I would regret not going.  For the most part I spent the morning right here in front of my computer.

Later in the day my husband and I went to a small group where they discussed the sermon our youth pastor had given.  Even knowing my “favorite” preacher had spoken did not cause me to regret not going.  Not having anything to contribute to the discussion at our small group did not cause me to regret not going.  Hearing the rave reviews did not cause me to regret not going.  In fact, unless Jesus had shown up in person I don’t think I would regret not going. 

Confession time: I have been stuck in a pothole on my Christian journey and I have just (yesterday in fact) decided to get out of the vehicle I’d been in and start walking.  A verse from Philippians has been rattling around in my head and I’ve decided to do something about it: “Only let us live up to what we have already obtained.” (3:16).  I’m really not very interested in learning something new (not that that’s what we’ve been doing lately anyway) until I put into practice some of what or all of what (we’ll see) I’ve already obtained.  Truth be told, I guess what I really want to do is to see if I’ve actually obtained it.


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