Posted by: minnow | February 8, 2008

If McCain Doesn’t Win…

I posted the following comment on another blog earlier today. 

Michele-It seems mighty clear to me that the base you are talking about is no longer the base, otherwise Mitt Romney would be sitting where John McCain is sitting. We need real solutions to the problems we face not good money thrown after bad and not more money in the pockets of rich people who think they are being philanthropists and charitable when they give money to private colleges and the opera. If the “real” conservatives decide to sit at home and pout about not getting their way and Senators Clinton or Obama are elected rather than Senator McCain then the “real” conservatives better find some secure off shore bank accounts to store all their money in because not only will they not have more tax cuts they’ll probably have a few tax hikes as well. And, they better be teaching their children how to earn a living for themselves because by the time the liberals are through social security will be bankrupt and the welfare programs will be doubled due to the undocumented workers who will be eligible for the universal health-care benefits, etc. If Senator McCain has a snowballs chance in…of winning in November he has to secure the middle ground and “real” conservatives better get used to the idea. They got all he needs (or should have to) give them when he spoke to them at CPAC!

Frankly, I am tired of the childishness.  I am certain that what we are actually seeing in this election is a division in the Republican party mostly along economic lines.  Those in the GOP who used to have control are angry at McCain because he made it more difficult for them to control the party with their pocketbooks.  If McCain does not win in November then the Republican party will do one of two things.  It will either reunite as an ultra-fiscally conservative and ultra-religious minor player allowing the part of the party that cannot be described in those terms to move over and join the democrats or it will say good-bye to that element of the party and form a base in the middle where it will attract economically responsible yet socially aware independents.  Hopefully what we are witnessing right now is the latter option unfolding in this election.  And, as a result Senator McCain will win in November.  Personally I am drawn in by the vision of hope that Senator Obama casts.  I doubt, however, that it can be realized at this point in time.  There are simply not enough “foot soldiers”, not enough people willing to sacrifice their big slice of pie so more people can get a sliver.  While the ultra conservatives have not learned to share the ultra liberals have not taught anyone how to fish.


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