Posted by: minnow | February 6, 2008

Montana Caucus Denies Voters Their Constitutional Right to Vote!

I disrupt the discussion on Dyslexia to bring the following complaint:  Grrrr!!!

Will Deschamps wants Montanans to think the Republican Caucus was a step in the right direction.  He is wrong! If the caucus was open to everyone I would agree with him. However, it was not.  In fact not quite two-thousand party officials and officeholders participated in the Super Tuesday caucus. (Over one hundred thousand Montana republicans voted in the last presidential election).

Many voters did not even know about the new caucuses until it was too late for them to participate. Others knew because a couple campaigns sent out notices to encourage their supporters seek the limited number of open seats, thereby stacking the deck against the other candidates.  Some voters still might not understand that the caucus decision binds the delegates on the first ballot but the primary where the rest of us get to voice our opinions has no weight whatsoever. Ah yes a few, like Mr. Deschamps, explained all that away saying our votes were of no importance anyway (they haven’t been for years) because the primary was too late in the process and the delegates weren’t bound by the outcome.  But rather than fix the problem the powers that be chose instead to deny most Montana Republicans their constitutional rights to vote and have that vote count.

As for the increased activity from presidential campaigns that was touted as part of the step in the right direction–only one candidate visited Montana–in June. The decision to hold a caucus didn’t happen until August.  So tell me Mr. Deschamps, where’s the increased attention?  And just who do you think it benefited?

Furthermore, I find it curious that our elected Lieutenant Governor was told he would not be allowed to vote in the caucus last night because he’s listed as a democrat.   The state of Montana does not register individuals as republicans or democrats.  The Leiutenant Governor has run for multiple offices and every time he has run he ran as a republican.  However, because he ran on the same ticket with a democrat Governor he is now listed as a democrat.

Mitt Romney won in Montana and Ron Paul came in second.  Can you guess which campaigns sent out notices to their supporters?  And guess on whose behalf the Lieutenant Governor wanted to speak during the caucus?–That’s right, John McCain.

The Montana Republican Committee has violated my, our, constitutional rights! Shame on you Mr. Iverson and you Mr. Deschamps for trying to justify that deceit. And, shame on the every news organization across Montana for not plastering this travesty of our civil rights across the front page and on the nightly news until the MRC repealed its decision!!


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