Posted by: minnow | January 27, 2008

The First Black President

I was impressed with Senator Obama when he was asked if Bill Clinton was the first blackpresident.  He handled the question with both seriousness and humor and did not bite at the bait to engage in a fight.  Sadly, the Clintons do not seem to know what else to do and the media seems to be loving it–perhaps to their ultimate dismay (I recall the words of Tim Russett when current President Bush won his first presidential election, “How did WE let this happen?”.  The media is indeed a powerful influence even though lately it is loosing its power due to the Internet. But, I digress).  The question by the moderator was meant to ask if the actual race of the candidates was important or if the Clintons had enough of a history of working for African American issues that the race card wouldn’t be played.  The problem is that the Clinton’s played the race card, not Obama.  They took a calculated risk and it may have back fired. 

The real issue for the Clinton’s is entitlements–they are, or rather Hillary is, entitled to the presidency.  She stood by her man and her man owes her.  Obvious problem–the presidency is not his to give and she just happens to be trying to win against the most likable candidate since, well since her husband and Ronald Reagan.  But, Barak Obama is more than likable.  He is positive, another think Hillary is not.  And, he is visionary, again not Hillary.  Obama is eloquent and intelligent.  Hillary, on the other hand is harsh and well informed.  She is a woman which may help her (and no one will play the gender card the way she and her husband played the race card) and the powers that be in the democrat party like her (but perhaps only as the lesser of two…).  The power democrats may be thinking Hillary now, Barak later (when we have more control of him because we have taught him how to play).  Next problem–Senator Obama, and most of the country with him (we shall see), do not want to play party politics.  They are sick of the game.  And maybe have figured out that nobody ever wins!  Again I digress.

Clinton (the former president) showed his true colors this week.  And they are not any shade of black.  He wants credit for all he and Hillary have done for the African-American.  They owe him and if they do not pay up well then it is only because Senator Obama is Black.  How much more racist must one get?

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