Posted by: minnow | January 22, 2008

Coffee doesn’t smell half bad…really.

What can I say I enjoy reading political blogs. is a great source.  Recently I was reading Michele McGinty’s blabblog and was dismayed by the Fredhead’s attitude that if Mr. Thompson drops out there’s no point in voting.  Excuse me!  Just hand the election over to one of two of the most libral democrats in the senate.  Be sad–you’ve got five minutes–but then pull it together and realize what you’re saying/advocating.  Even Thompson was a McCain supported a few years ago.

Now to the question of who you should support–Personally, I would not vote for Mr. Romney because he is a big business oriented person who has never had to relate to an unprivileged world. I think his rhetoric is not global except to figure out how to make a bigger buck in the global economy. And, he has no military/foreign policy experience. (We forget the Olympics are a sporting event). I could not see Mr. Huckabee at the top of the ticket either because he has no foreign policy experience and I am disappointed by his flip on immigration. Hunting down and shipping out 12 million people is simply unrealistic. It is defacto amnestyin other words–what we have now.  Senator McCain has the experience we need–foreign and domestic. He’s shown that he can work with both sides of the isle which might just go a long way toward healing the divide this country seems to have. He wants out of the Iraq war but he wants a stable Iraq. Our national security demands no less even the democrats know that why else would they be couching their outrage with phrases like “as soon as possible”. Could Huckabee be VP–right now he seems like the best option.  I certainly couldn’t see a McCain/Romney ticket–too many differences and too much bad blood.

The reality check for our nation is going to be if we can grab a hold of a global, unselfish, vision for the 21st century.  But more about that later.



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