Posted by: minnow | January 19, 2008

The Media

I can hardly make myself watch and yet I want information so I do.  Granted I have a bias.  At the same time I often feel like I’m watching a bored child trying to push his or her sibling’s buttons just for the excitement.  If the candidates aren’t fighting or name calling then the debates according to the pundits, are dull and not worth mentioning–forget that the candidates each clearly articulated their stance on any number of important issues.  All you need to know is that Edwards is angry, Clinton is detached, and Obama is dreaming or the Republicans can’t make up their minds.  Grrr.  The arrogance of the news media makes me want to do violence to my television set only that wouldn’t do anyone any good, especially my husband who would prefer to watch football anyway.  Double Grrr.  Can someone tell me why the media thinks they have to compete with the entertainment industry?  It’s like trying to watch a B movie or worse.  Give me the facts.  Quit trying to stir up trouble.  Give equal time to a spectrum of issues and a variety of voices.  I don’t particualrly like Senator Edwards but he has a point when he says the media have decided it’s the Clinton and Obama show.  So, if you’re handing out free air time and the candidate hasn’t dropped out of the race and is consistently getting in the double digits (or maybe only 5 percent) in the caucuses, primaries, and polls then divvy the air time equally.  That or identify your bias and quit pretending you’re a news media.  Enough said–for now.


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