Posted by: minnow | January 19, 2008

Political Surveys

I just took a political survey over at  I had difficulty answering many of the questions probably because surveys don’t let a person expain his/her answer.One of the questions asked you to rate the importance of several different issues.  Some of the issues were immigration, abortion, the war in Iraq, the economy, etc.  I wanted to say imigration is important but the why it is important is even more important.  And abortion is important but the how to stop it is more important and the why we’re faced with this issue is even more important than the how or maybe they are so tied together that to simply say yeah it’s important doesn’t seem right.  And the fact that 11 million are dying a year of starvation makes the abortion issue a little less glaring.  But how can we really say–oh not enough babies are being killed so I don’t care any more?  And is their religion important when looking at a candidate–well, that depends on how it informs them.  Ending the war–duh.  Winning–what is winning?  Killing all the bad guys?  Or bringing stability to a region we helped to make unstable?  We were probably wrong to go in but we’ll be even more wrong if we don’t leave it more peaceful and more safe then when we went in.  If that’s the definition of winning then of course.  If it’s not then I probably need some convincing.

Maybe the survey I took was a “bad” survey (those who commented on it sure seemed to think it was) because all surveys are bad–they try to make things too easy, too fit for a formula, too removed.  These issues are not removed and they really have no easy answers and probably only a few answers I really want to hear or am ready to hear. 

In my next life I’ll probably be ranting about the media.  For now–anyone know a good reason for surveys?


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