Posted by: minnow | January 18, 2008

Two Sons

Two of my sons will be able to vote in their first presidential election this year.  One I am fairly certain will, the other I’m not sure.  Probably if he’s not too distracted that day.  Having grown up in an environment where political and social issues were discussed on a regular basis I feel a little remiss that my children are not more keyed in to the politics.  I was fairly active in politics in college and very vocal in most any political or social discussion.  But then I married into a politically passive family and it wasn’t really a lot of fun debating with myself.  In the last year or so the activist in me woke up and I am finding myself checking out various political blogs and watching the presidential debates.  I’ve spent hours discussing religion and politics with my sons, and the relationship between religion and politics.  Lately I’ve begun to ask myself (because I have wanted to know how to talk to my sons), how does one pick a presidential candidate?  What should I be looking at and listening for?  Is one way better than another?  I’m making my son (the senior in high school we are home schooling) write a different position paper each week.  He has to pick an issue, then pick two candidates (one Republican and one Democrat), and explain what their views are on the issue he picked.  Then he has to explain how he see the issue.  It’s been a good process for both of us.  My oldest son interjects his thoughts into the discussions I am having with his younger brother every now and then and some of them are rather interesting.  But, it is the senior I believe who will really know why he’s voting for the person he ends up voting for.


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