Posted by: minnow | January 13, 2008


I have spent most of the night reading political blogs and commenting.  While I have enjoyed most of the commentary I have read, I am also dismayed by how easily some discussions sink into name calling and labeling.  Even when I go to specific presidential candidates’ web sites some of their most vocal supporters tell others on the site to leave or watch what they say if what they say is the least bit critical.  This policing is often accompanied by a threat or rudeness which in turn causes the other visitor to pick up offense and fling the mud right back.  Soon it is no longer a debate over ideas ans solutions to the problems we face but a food fight so to speak of labels and vulgarity.  When did such banter become acceptable?  It certainly does nothing to promote the idea one espouses or the candidate one supports. 

By the way the food bank went well but was crowded with workers.  I think I will look for a place that may actually need my help a little more–a good problem to have.


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